Mascota is another magical place where you will embark on a journey through time. Its name means "place of deer and snakes" and it is located an hour and a half north of Puerto Vallarta. Quaint and charming, Mascota offers the opportunity to visit its interesting museums, its church in the main square and to browse its stores in search of local delicacies and try traditional dishes in its restaurants. You must try the handmade sweets and cookies made with regional fruits.

Once in Mascota, you will be a few steps away from local attractions such as Corrinchis Dam, Juanacatlan Lagoon, Yerbabuena village, El Molcajete volcano, El Maipais petrified fields and Rincon de Ixcatan waterfall. Start the tour early to see some of them the same day, or plan a day of hiking, fishing, mountain biking or horseback riding to enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery.

Mascota, Jalisco, Mexico Mascota Mexico

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