El Salado Estuary

The only urban estuary in Latin America, with 168 hectares of mangroves and marshes, offers you the magnificent adventure of getting to know the American crocodile up close and learn more about its habits and care. Its importance in the climatic balance is of great scale, since it is the producer and regulator of food for all the species that inhabit the bay.

Its fascinating fauna includes 29 amphibians and reptiles such as the garrobo and the river crocodile, crustaceans such as fiddler, pit and dusky crabs, as well as 10 species of mammals, such as adorable raccoons and opossums. Guided tours take you aboard boats through the canals full of plant and animal life, and the opportunity to walk along the pier surrounded by mangrove.

3544 Avenida Francisco Medina Ascencio 48335 Puerto Vallarta Mexico

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